CATS! Jerseys in production! October 7, 2015 00:07

Dear wonderful folks,

To those who pre-ordered CATS! Jerseys,thank you!  They went into production two weeks ago and we hope to have them soon. 

 It's come to my attention our system sent everyone shipping conformation emails (these should have been followed up by a 'in production' email) and this is creating some confusion for which we apologize.  The Jersey's will not physically ship for another few weeks at which point everyone should receive another email letting you know they are on the way!  If you are in the USA, you will be provided a tracking number with your shipment.  

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions!


CATS! Jerseys are Sold Out, but not for long! August 4, 2015 09:34

It's been a wild week for us here at ICKSNAY!  Thank you to all our new followers and customers for the orders and interest in our CATS! product.  Ya'll blew out our jerseys and the caps are going fast.  

If you missed out on our jerseys, don't fret!  We will be opening up another pre-order in a few weeks.  Stay posted for a solid date and be sure to give us a follow @icksnayshop on IG and twitter for current updates.  We also have just implemented a newsletter which can be found at the bottom of our website.

With the cooler weather on the horizon and #CXiscoming we are also in the process of restocking all our Buffs and adding a few new styles.  

Thanks for checking in and stay rad!

Free Shipping in the USA over $50 and new International Shipping! May 27, 2015 15:58

Hey guys!

We've been busy here getting some great new products together and wrapping up production on the CATS! caps!  

For the summer we're going to be offering free shipping on orders over $50 for shipments within the US!  Along with that we've set up a new option for international shipping rate for smaller goods.  If you're not in the US and have had your eye on some stickers or patches, now you can get them and not be charged an arm and a leg to send them.  

Stay Rad out there!

CATS! Cap Preorders April 21, 2015 13:27

Hey everyone!  We're already well underway on our super awesome pre-order for the CATS! cycling caps.  We're going to be submitting the orders soon and production will get underway shortly after.  If you order anything with your preorder, those will go out on their own so we can get those to you before the hats.  If you've ordered a cap, expect to see them in about 5-6 weeks time!  We will be sure to email everyone through the process to update them on timelines.

Thanks for your support, we really appreciate it!

We're live! March 17, 2015 10:20

Thanks for taking this ride with us! Let us know anything you see that needs tweaking, or any product suggestions! You guys are awesome.