We're trying to do better by the environment and we need your help.

We ship a decent amount of stuff all over the world. Especially when we do pre-orders, it really hits us how much packaging we use and how almost all of it will get tossed only a few days later. To try and curb some of our packaging consumption and the associated waste, we'd like to try a new way of shipping product, but we need your help to make it a reality. 

May we introduce you to the Eco-Shipper!  When you select ECO-SHIPPING at checkout, your product will arrive in one of these recycled shippers and included inside is a return label so you can send it back to us. These shippers will continue to make round-trips until they fall apart, which might be never.  We're making the mailers in-house out of up-cycled banner vinyl or dead-stock marine grade canvas. We have a limited number of them right now, so the option to select them at check-out might not always be available.

If one of these shippers can make 100 trips, that means replacing 100 envelopes or boxes, which means saving 1000 trees (cardboard or paper packaging) or 1000 gallons of oil (tyvek and plastic packaging) and there's NO TRASH heading to a landfill!

These shippers are also secure. Your package will arrive to you with a zip-tie securing it closed. These can go in a recycling bin once snipped. Once you get your product, please return the mailer. Your package will come with a return label that you can slip into the front pocket and drop in a mailbox or post office. Once the mailer completes it's journey, we'll give you a credit or coupon code for $1 off your next purchase. 

Have questions? Comments? We'd love to hear from you. Shoot us a note on the contact page.

We're excited to close this loop on trash, and we're stoked to do it with you!